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Deathmatch 2018 – Final

This round has ended.

We have a Champion!!

I came home from school to find my mom in her room, surrounded by piles of jewelry. I saw everything from gaudy costume pieces to the diamond sets my dad had given her over the...
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Sophie-Anne Bélisle does not draw if her pencil does not have a hard-on. What tickles her imagination is the moments of ambiguity found in raw ordinary life or in total absurdity, and sometimes in a...
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*** CHAMPION ***


  1. Christina Brown ( Likes: 1414 ) says:

    Thank you everyone!!! This has been an awesome experience. Go team SAB and the mermaid army!!

  2. DeathbyCacti ( Likes: 497 ) says:

    Just clicked my last vote for Smile.
    It was a weird month voting all the time!
    I’m a little disapointed Sophie-Anne didn’t win, but I’m proud as hell that her story got to the final deathmatch.
    I’d like to congratulate Christina for her victory, it was a fair fight!

  3. AndreStp ( Likes: 1034 ) says:

    Mononcle s’en va se coucher il est assez tard. ….
    Merci Sophie Anne de m’avoir fais participer à se beau voyage
    Merci à vous tous les fans j’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à vous côtoyer , voter et liker ……..Bonne nuit la gang.

    1. Marie ( Likes: 810 ) says:

      Papa et maman aussi bravo à tous pour vos efforts, bien contente d’avoir participé
      Bravo à Sophie-Anne on t’aime gros bisous
      Bravo aussi à l’équipe de Christina bye

    2. Sophie-anneBelisle ( Likes: 1076 ) says:

      Merci beaucoup André ! Ça a été une belle aventure ! Ça va continuer avec plus de bande dessinée, c’est certain !

    1. Alinebo ( Likes: 721 ) says:

      Oui Gérard , va écrire tout en bas des 800 commentaires pourte retrouver en haut de la liste.

    1. helene ( Likes: 443 ) says:

      Comme les flocons de neige qui tombent présentement, allez il faut que les votes rentrent également!

  4. DeathbyCacti ( Likes: 497 ) says:

    Even after the incredible lead of 1000 votes that team Christina got to last night, here I am, still voting for Smile!
    Respect to Christina her story and her supporter, respect to Sophie-Anne, Smile and team SAB!
    Long live this deathmatch queens!

    1. helene ( Likes: 443 ) says:

      En ce dimanche matin, on prend un café, on like et on vote.
      Intéressant de lire les commentaires des amis(es)

  5. Marie ( Likes: 810 ) says:

    Je crois que le déménagement de Scranton en Pensylvanie vers la Californie avec toi SAB en avion, Mathieu qui fait le voyage en automobile jusqu’en Californie et le petit Albert âge de 4 mois n’à pas aider dans cette compétition. Bravo à toi et toute ton équipe pour l’énergie que vous y mettez. Cela mérite au moins 2000 votes.Bravo.

  6. nilabrown ( Likes: 377 ) says:

    How lucky are these authors to have such a loyal fan base?! Many thanks to all who have been supporting our daughter’s efforts AND much respect to Team Sophie! I think they both know they have some awesome villagers 🙂

    1. PacBen ( Likes: 340 ) says:

      Yes–hats off to all who have given their time to support these awesome writers! Maybe someday we can all say, “We knew them when…”

    2. Richardrainen@gmail.com ( Likes: 223 ) says:

      You’re welcome! A bit delayed today by my training this morning, but I must be prepared for the Iron man competition I entered (this Fall). I am sure I will be looking for support there–any takers? Maybe one of the authors would like to pen my journey!

    3. nilabrown ( Likes: 377 ) says:

      Awe Christina, we are SO proud of you. I little sleepy, but proud! And Richard–of course we will be there! Just pass on the details to my husband and we will make it happen! Christina is also a dancer, so she knows the challenge of physicality! She could no doubt cover your story with style and compassion!

    4. skiergirl ( Likes: 127 ) says:

      We are certainly a passionate bunch! So happy to be part of Team Christina. It’s the journey–not the destination! Okay, maybe it’s a little about the destination–Mammoth is beautiful today!

    5. mbrown54 ( Likes: 197 ) says:

      And we are back to the Village People! I am wondering where the authors see themselves going from here. (Besides to bed, “for a long Winter’s nap.”)

    6. Istanley ( Likes: 212 ) says:

      We are the lucky ones to be able to join together and show support in a positive way! I am so proud of my granddaughter! My experience with submitting countless poems and short stories for contests and publications gives me a deep respect for all who wield the pen! Hats off to the authors and their supporters. it’s a long hard road…

    7. brownjaydee ( Likes: 172 ) says:

      I concur! It’s an honor to support the arts and it’s proven to be an exciting adventure too!

    8. Istanley ( Likes: 212 ) says:

      P.S. I see a lot of gold skulls on the board. I challenge Team Christina to give me the gold (for the Grammython)!

    9. Marie ( Likes: 810 ) says:

      Oui effectivement elles sont chanceuse d’avoir des fans assidus pour le vote
      Je suis bien fière de ma fille et de Cristina, belle compétition et bravo aux deux

    1. VickiNikolaidis ( Likes: 180 ) says:

      Smile is an amazing true story but written so well you think you are reading a graphic fiction novel!! Go SAB

  7. VickiNikolaidis ( Likes: 180 ) says:

    I am definitely gaining weight while eating to stay awake to vote for Smile. These pants were lose at the start of DeathMatch.
    GO SAB! lot’s of time left

    1. VickiNikolaidis ( Likes: 180 ) says:

      Woops, I mean these pants were loose at the start of DeathMatch! I have been wearing them all-along; I did not lose them as stated above. *blush*

    2. Sophie-anneBelisle ( Likes: 1076 ) says:

      Ha ha ha! We’ll both those things can happen… Anything is possible in a Deathmatch!

    1. DeathbyCacti ( Likes: 497 ) says:

      Ils ont dû veiller une bonne partie de la nuit pour voter, nous ça sera toute la journée!

  8. RWD0129 ( Likes: 437 ) says:

    Everybody Loves Raymond is still hilarious at 2:45 AM. Now that’s a great sitcom to watch while you’re voting.

    1. sof ( Likes: 405 ) says:

      I don’t know about the vampire thing but I am watching the Late Late Show with James Corden. He’s a riot.

    2. stbrown ( Likes: 271 ) says:

      SOOO many sleepless nights when your children are little. Just when you think they are over, BAM DeathMatch enters your life LOL

    3. Istanley ( Likes: 212 ) says:

      I am not sure how long I can Hang–this is for the young, or at least the young at heart!

    4. brownjaydee ( Likes: 172 ) says:

      I am not into vampires :/ I wish there was a way for my fingers to vote while my body sleeps!

    5. Richardrainen@gmail.com ( Likes: 223 ) says:

      Seriously wish I could, but have an 8am spin class in the A.M. so g’night

    1. Kimlara ( Likes: 427 ) says:

      As we each pass silver and bronze levels, I can see 13,000 as a possible total. We ARE beasts.

    2. wdmory ( Likes: 426 ) says:

      I remember seeing that post about the 10,000 comments as well and thinking that was insane. I guess the joke’s on me.

  9. RWD0129 ( Likes: 437 ) says:

    Sometimes voting is actually preferable to watching the news. So depressing. I think I need to switch to a comedy.

    1. Kimlara ( Likes: 427 ) says:

      I prefer to get my news “in print”. The sensational coverage on television turns my stomach.

    2. sof ( Likes: 405 ) says:

      I enjoy the luxury of being able to choose my news sources online. I’m the kind of person who takes most things with a grain of salt until I can check out various sources.

    3. ECed ( Likes: 333 ) says:

      Talk about depressing, never did I ever think we would have to start worrying about kids getting shot in school! It boggles the mind.

    4. secpav ( Likes: 263 ) says:

      Humor is good for the sole 🙂 So many would laugh if they knew this is what we were banning together for right now, but it’s a worthy cause. GO CHRISTINA

    5. bbrown2000 ( Likes: 152 ) says:

      I like to VOTE! I like to LIKE! I like to sleep, er I mean comment tee hee (my attempt at humor).

    6. wdmory ( Likes: 426 ) says:

      As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. It has a way of putting things into perspective.

  10. GuylaineTurcotte58 ( Likes: 440 ) says:

    Une chance qu’on a les Olympiques pour nous accompagner jusqu’à ces heures-là!

    1. GuylaineTurcotte58 ( Likes: 440 ) says:

      Oui ! Je n’ai pas veillé aussi tard depuis le Bye bye et le réveillon ! Ouf!

  11. sof ( Likes: 405 ) says:

    Exceptionally long day but nothing was going to stop me for voting for Christina. Go big or go home.

    1. nilabrown ( Likes: 377 ) says:

      “Out” is like dinner and a movie 🙂 It used to be dinner and dancing, but that’s turned into “clubbing” and I am WAY too old for that scene 🙂

    2. PacBen ( Likes: 340 ) says:

      I am good with going home, if it means a fire in the fireplace and a good book OR SHORT STORY collection to read.

    3. Mamikimba ( Likes: 409 ) says:

      Tri-tip sounds so good. There is a restaurant by work that makes the best tri-tip. Too bad it’s 45 miles from here. 😔

  12. ECed ( Likes: 333 ) says:

    I’m a better multitasker than I thought. I’m eating dinner, helping with the kids’ homework, and voting. It’s good to know that being a mom helped prep me for deathmatch. Now I get it. LOL!

    1. SPatrick ( Likes: 412 ) says:

      Post-it notes are a lifesaver for me too. I have them everywhere do they are within easy reach.

    2. klongwill ( Likes: 136 ) says:

      Juggling seems to be a way of life nowadays! Maybe I should start making some Arrangements…

  13. wdmory ( Likes: 426 ) says:

    Is everyone still having fun? It promises to be a very busy weekend so “believe you can and you’re halfway there”.

    1. SCed ( Likes: 333 ) says:

      I know it’s been quite the experience for me. I can’t say that I’d want to do it again but this was to support a good friend and a wonderful writer.

    2. Carolyn35 ( Likes: 416 ) says:

      I’ve known Christina for quite a while and she’s the kind of person who you would want to have as your wingman. So I most definitely believer in her and her talents.

    3. Mamikimba ( Likes: 409 ) says:

      It’s been an experience. I’ve discovered new artists in the process. I would probably not do it again though. A better two finalist could not have been chosen. Congrats Sophie and Christina.

    4. SPatrick ( Likes: 412 ) says:

      It’s the positive posts of both of the finalist and their fans that kept me in it this long. We get enough negativities in life.

    5. brownjaydee ( Likes: 172 ) says:

      I am having SO much fun, I forgot it was Friday! Well, I work everyday…so it is easy to forget.

  14. Christina Brown ( Likes: 1414 ) says:

    WOW so many comments! You are all amazing thank you!!

    Also Sophie and I just realized that we only live about 30 minutes from each other – so bipartisan death match finalist recovery party should DEFINITELY happen! Mersquad is down 😀

    1. Eromirg ( Likes: 472 ) says:

      That’s amazing. Many of us will be there in spirit when it is all said and done. Meanwhile I am enjoying our virtual party tonight. 🎉🍷🍫

    2. Eromirg ( Likes: 472 ) says:

      There are LOTS of comments and it only took me 3 weeks to figure out how to use the find in page feature on my mobile device. 😂

  15. Marie ( Likes: 810 ) says:

    Les photons invisibles qui frappent les objets et convertissent en réaction chimiques et en légères impulsions électriques dans le cerveau créent
    la réalité tridimensionnelle. Mais sans la vue nous ne pourrions voir les BD et l’univers n’existerait pas !

    1. secpav ( Likes: 263 ) says:

      I think a celebration would be fitting–but I would like to celebrate on my couch after all this computing…

    2. Marie ( Likes: 810 ) says:

      Correction: mais sans la vue nous ne pourrions voir les BD et l’univers n’existerait pas!

  16. marciaed3 ( Likes: 422 ) says:

    I like the idea of the teams celebrating this final round together. I’d be there! Where to meet?

    1. Carolyn35 ( Likes: 416 ) says:

      I just got home from work. I’m having a nice Sauvignon blanc to celebrate how far both teams have come. Cheers to both.

  17. ldaneau ( Likes: 375 ) says:

    Enfin! La fds! Je vais pouvoir voter encore plus souvent! Bonne fds tout le monde! On travaille fort pour que Soph prenne l’avance!

    1. GuylaineTurcotte58 ( Likes: 440 ) says:

      Si on prend un drink à chaque fois qu’on vote… ce sera pas beau taleur! Haha!

    1. Eromirg ( Likes: 472 ) says:

      Me too. My scrolling thumb is already aching. There are SOOO many comments to read and like 🙂

    2. PacBen ( Likes: 340 ) says:

      I have given up on using mobile devices to vote. Dislike being tied down to s desktop, but it seems to be more efficient.

    3. KDLara ( Likes: 409 ) says:

      Pacben. My mobile seems to be working a lot faster now. Whatever switch they flipped is helping. 👍 you are free to get up and move about the world again.

    1. klongwill ( Likes: 136 ) says:

      Well, not as good as they could be if the site would cooperate 🙂 Maybe it’s because we are overwhelming it with our presence 🙂

    2. mbrown54 ( Likes: 197 ) says:

      I think both teams need to plan a celebration! Wish we were closer geographically. Maybe on if the youngsters can plan an online bash.

    3. Richardrainen@gmail.com ( Likes: 223 ) says:

      I have never done anything like this, it is a bit difficult to keep up with what seem to be seasoned pros .

    4. DeathbyCacti ( Likes: 497 ) says:

      Someone said party celebration?
      Are Christina’s and Sophie-Anne’s team both invited? 🙂

    5. nilabrown ( Likes: 377 ) says:

      Of course all team members should be present! The Browns are an inclusive group! It would be SO FUN!

    1. jorourke ( Likes: 444 ) says:

      My problems with the website started last night. It was working well in the first part of the finals.

    2. KaySmith ( Likes: 423 ) says:

      I think everyone’s tolerance for delays varies. It really depends on what I am trying to do after the vote. A watched pot never boils.

    3. ShellyLara ( Likes: 448 ) says:

      Also, the more comments that need to load, the longer it could take. The irony is this observation might be adding to the problem. 🤓

  18. DeathbyCacti ( Likes: 497 ) says:

    This deathmatch is crazy, I climb 5 flight of stairs to get signal on my phone so I can vote during my breaks!
    Also I like how both “teams” are dedicated and respectfull. Keep voting for your favorite story, keep this deathmatch clean!

    1. AnnaDePrairie ( Likes: 490 ) says:

      Hahaha ! Beubé, you’re intense ! I love it ! GO SAB GO ! And I appreciate the respect in this deathmatch too ! Keep voting until death !

    2. Remifrancoeur ( Likes: 315 ) says:

      this deathmatch is better than my real life! I want to spend the rest of it in front of a screen

    1. KimiGril ( Likes: 405 ) says:

      I got the are you a robot message once but after I answered the question it was back to normal. I think I am getting too efficient at this voting.

    2. Kimlara ( Likes: 427 ) says:

      I think everyone is just so eager to vote for both of these wonderful stories that their servers cannot keep up.

  19. ldaneau ( Likes: 375 ) says:

    Ma deuxième rond de like après le dîner!
    En espérant donner plus de pouvoir à vous tous. Go SAB!!

    1. GuylaineTurcotte58 ( Likes: 440 ) says:

      Bravo pour votre beau travail ! C’est inspirant de voter auprès de vous. On y arrivera.

    1. Mamikimba ( Likes: 409 ) says:

      I know I am getting worried. Sending the positive vibes that we can rally before it’s too late.

  20. Marie ( Likes: 810 ) says:

    On a eu une exposition à trois-rivieres sur les bd et je ne pensais pas qu’il y en avait de si vieille
    Cela a commencé dans les journaux
    Depuis quand pensez que cela existe?

    1. DeathbyCacti ( Likes: 497 ) says:

      Je pense que dans les années 1800 il y avais des genres de caricatures dans les journaux, mais les BD en tant que tel, dans les années 1920 peut-être? Gros guess!

  21. ldaneau ( Likes: 375 ) says:

    Bon matin tout le monde, je viens de terminer ma première ronde de like à tous les commentaires publiés par l’équipe de SAB.

    1. Sirriuspotate ( Likes: 386 ) says:

      Yep! Team SAB we have no time to lose. Get in the goldenVoteTrain!! 3 day left, we need to upgrade our vote power if we want to beat them!

    1. Sophie-anneBelisle ( Likes: 1076 ) says:

      @kimbel pas encore, mais j’y travaille. Vous pouvez me suivre sur Instagram pour des nouvelles de mon travail. @sophieanneillustration

    1. Eromirg ( Likes: 472 ) says:

      Cheers to all the dedicated voters. Each side has been working hard for their favorite. This is quite impressive.

  22. CbEnneTt ( Likes: 425 ) says:

    Go Christina go. Keep on voting. Liking. Commenting. I re-read Arrangements and my purpose is renewed.

    1. SPatrick ( Likes: 412 ) says:

      Ah, thought as much. Although I’ve probably spent more time reading comments than it would take to read the story again.

    2. SPatrick ( Likes: 412 ) says:

      Okay. Took time to read it again. Great story. I find the mother’s obsession with arrangements relatable to how parents today obsess with social media. In turn, making their children act out in ways they see online trying to get their parent’s attention. Just as devasting in many cases.

  23. Marie ( Likes: 810 ) says:

    La bd nous ramène le plus souvent qu’autrement à la réalité. La réalité c’est que les bd nous font rire, pleurer et espérer à un avenir
    Meilleur. Parfois crue, mais nous fait réagir pour devenir meilleurs .Votons go SAB. Quand pensez vous ?

    1. kimbel ( Likes: 431 ) says:

      Oui! Ça me donne l’impression d’écouter un petit film, mais où je laisse aller beaucoup plus mon imagination. Bravo!

  24. ShellyLara ( Likes: 448 ) says:

    Team Christina let’s reach 400 likes each too! We don’t want her to lose because of a multiplier!

    1. KaySmith ( Likes: 423 ) says:

      I do not think I will make 400 tonight. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for likes. 🙂

  25. AndreStp ( Likes: 1034 ) says:

    HEY….on étaient à 1000 liées en arrière ce matin
    Maintenant seulement à 400 Wow on lâche pas
    Demain pourrais être un grand jourrrrrrrr go Sophie Anne Go

    1. AnnaDePrairie ( Likes: 490 ) says:

      On lâche pas ! On dormira pas tant que l’égalité ne sera pas atteinte ! YARRR !

  26. DeathbyCacti ( Likes: 497 ) says:

    Now I sais pas if I should commenter in français or en english…
    Nous should create a nouveau language pour the prochain Deathmatch!
    Le christiSAB!

  27. AnnaDePrairie ( Likes: 490 ) says:

    Soph, une fenêtre d’un de mes navigateurs est constamment ouverte pour que je puisse voter, aimer les commentaires et commenter… même au travail ! De ce que je vois, je ne dois pas être la seule à faire ça… haha ! C’est beau de voir qu’on est une grosse gang derrière toi ! On lâchera pas ! <3 GO SOPH GO !

    1. DeathbyCacti ( Likes: 497 ) says:

      Malheureusement, aussi excellent que Smile peut être, le 3/4 du temps, je n’ai pas assez de réseau pour voter du travail!

    1. GuylaineTurcotte58 ( Likes: 440 ) says:

      Je suis prête ! J’ai ma veste de sauvetage et mes votes pour la merveilleuse Sophie-Anne !

  28. ldaneau ( Likes: 375 ) says:

    Bon l’équipe de SAB, je viens de liker tous vos commentaires pour donner plus de poids à votre vote. C’est long, mais espérons que cela aura un impact sur le résultat. GO GO GO !

    1. kimbel ( Likes: 431 ) says:

      Il t’en manque seulement une vingtaine pour être à un triple vote… On t’aide à y arriver ce soir sans faute !

    2. GuylaineTurcotte58 ( Likes: 440 ) says:

      J’ai fait la même chose! Ça vaut la peine de prendre un peu de temps pour ça! On rattrape notre retard.

    3. GuylaineTurcotte58 ( Likes: 440 ) says:

      J’ai tellement hâte d’avoir mon petit crâne en argent … et peut-être même une couronne !

    4. kimbel ( Likes: 431 ) says:

      @RemiFrancoeur – les petits crânes qui s’ajoutent sur ta petite image de profil quand tu possèdes plus de votes.

  29. ShellyLara ( Likes: 448 ) says:

    The number of votes continues to ebb and flow but I fear the tide is turning. Don’t stop now merfolks! Go team Christina!

    1. Mamikimba ( Likes: 409 ) says:

      I will never look at my phone’s timer the same. I will always eat cupcakes on Tuesday. And mermaid movies will now trigger PTSD. Ok, the last was an exaggeration. Go team Christina!

    2. CbEnneTt ( Likes: 425 ) says:

      This is really feeling like a team sport. We have the lead and we cannot let our guards down. Team Sophie is strong. Let’s not underestimate them!

    1. ldaneau ( Likes: 375 ) says:

      OMG! Je viens juste de comprendre que SAB c’est pour Sophie-Anne Belisle !
      Crime, il était temps. Bon on est dans la même équipe d’abord !

  30. Marie ( Likes: 810 ) says:

    Très peu savez que les histoires à Sophie-Anne, sont fondés sur du vécu
    Elle travaille très fort et va aller très loin bravo

    1. kimbel ( Likes: 431 ) says:

      Very similar to the Olympics! What a coincidence! We could do a closing ceremony at the end of this contest…and sleep for days…

    2. martineg91 ( Likes: 471 ) says:

      Si Alexg peut chanter l’hymne nationale, je suis partante pour fêter la fin de ce concours !

    1. Sirriuspotate ( Likes: 386 ) says:

      Oui c’est tres fesable! on a réduit l’écart aujourd’hui de 200voies! on lache pas!

  31. VickiNikolaidis ( Likes: 180 ) says:

    hey Christina! your story is good. I’m confused about the suicidal tendencies. I might have missed earlier comments on this. So is she really feeling suicidal or she testing herself or what? 🙂

  32. VickiNikolaidis ( Likes: 180 ) says:

    Sopihie, I’m for SMILE! we of the female species, smile and grit our teeth while all the time looking for a path of quick retreat! Me, too! 😉

    1. Christina Brown ( Likes: 1414 ) says:

      Totally agree! Sophie’s piece is so relatable. I admire the way she was able to find moments of lightheartedness in the stories as well. Such effective minimalism!

  33. blainevictoria ( Likes: 422 ) says:

    Christina, what kind of writing do you like to do best? Obviously, this was a short story competition. Can you see yourself writing a book some day?

    1. jorourke ( Likes: 444 ) says:

      I heard about your research into the lizard people and that was pretty intriguing to say the least.

    2. Sicatar ( Likes: 417 ) says:

      Lizard people… I’ll have to look that up. Sounds like a bad sci-fi movie from the 60s. Twilight Zone anyone?

    3. Christina Brown ( Likes: 1414 ) says:

      I’d say my favorite genre to work in is poetry. I like the freedom of the form and I LOVE the poetry community. I could definitely see myself coming out with a chapbook poetry collection 🙂

  34. Sicatar ( Likes: 417 ) says:

    And so ends another day… Good job everybody. Keep it up. I think I can speak for all of us when I say how proud we are of Christina.

    1. VickiNikolaidis ( Likes: 180 ) says:

      I guess I am part of the European crew; will take over here where the sun is up. Congratulations Christina! and Go Sophie!! vote for nitty-gritty, real-life smile and show Sophie some love!

  35. Goclau ( Likes: 425 ) says:

    Le Bas-Saint-Laurent est aussi avec toi Sophie-Anne! On a pas lâché le morceau ici. Go SAB!

  36. Istanley ( Likes: 212 ) says:

    Can’t believe what a balancing act this has been between work, traffic, and kids. Deathmatch was an appropriate name.

    1. xdreams ( Likes: 95 ) says:

      I’m fairly new to this but I find myself planning everything around my voting times. Sunday can’t come soon enough.

    2. brownjaydee ( Likes: 172 ) says:

      I don’t know how anyone can consistently vote unless they’re retired. I have to hand it to those who are full or part time employed or students.

    3. skiergirl ( Likes: 127 ) says:

      I’m a part time student and I have a job as well. I’m sure everyone can agree that budgeting whatever time you have is key and having friends to support you.

  37. mbrown54 ( Likes: 197 ) says:

    As the days go by, has anyone else noticed how slowly the time counter is at the top of this page or is it just me?

    1. sof ( Likes: 405 ) says:

      I’ve made it a point to not even look at it. It’s like weighing yourself every day when you’re dieting. You always think you’ve lost more than you really did and sometimes it can become discouraging.

    2. raceparks ( Likes: 263 ) says:

      What a great way to look at it. All of us would go above and beyond for our families and friends.

    1. Chol ( Likes: 456 ) says:

      yeah… After this Deathmatch, we should all put half of the time we’ve spent on this website to help out a charity or something

    2. martineg91 ( Likes: 471 ) says:

      Have you seen the Lost episode where they need to press a button every hour… or else the island could destroys itself… I feel just like them

  38. sof ( Likes: 405 ) says:

    Good job everyone. I know this is a lot but it’s for a good cause and a great person. Team MerArmy or MerFleet rocks! (Trying to be inclusive).

  39. SCed ( Likes: 333 ) says:

    Christina, would you ever consider doing another Deathmatch? How well known is this comptetion in the writing world?

    1. raceparks ( Likes: 263 ) says:

      I’m not at the NoDoz stage. Does that occur after quarterfinals? I guess there’s something to be said for joining at the final stage. Feeling relieved.

    2. Christina Brown ( Likes: 1414 ) says:

      I’m not sure I could handle another deathmatch, lol! It has been a great experience though. The writing world is huge so it is hard to say just how well known death match is, but judging by the number of votes I would assume it is fairly well known in it’s niche!

  40. fannironi ( Likes: 520 ) says:

    Sophie-Anne tu as bien fait d’amener la discussion sur des enjeux importants tel que la représentation des genres dans les histoires de science fiction dans les autres rondes. Moi je suis fière de toi!

    1. RWD0129 ( Likes: 437 ) says:

      It’s been very interesting as well as entertaining learning the ins and outs of this deathmatch process.

  41. freezappa ( Likes: 52 ) says:

    I’ve got a question for Ms. -anneBelisle.
    Since you are getting your ass handed to you in this match, I’m curious what important topic you are going to cheapen in an effort to make up some ground. In previous matches you tossed around rape culture accusations like they were confetti. Are you going to try and do that again? Have you considered trivializing school shootings? They’re pretty popular these days and with the death angle in the other story, I’m sure you of all people would be able to draw a connection. Let me know how it goes.

  42. ldaneau ( Likes: 375 ) says:

    Ce serait génial que la Rôtisserie Sainte-Cécile devienne un point de distribution de ta BD Soph!

    1. martineg91 ( Likes: 471 ) says:

      Le “spécial du chef” du mardi, c’est une bd de Sophie-Anne, une salade de chou et un quart poitrine!

  43. ECed ( Likes: 333 ) says:

    It’s been quite a day! Rest up everyone because we get to repeat the fun tomorrow. Here’s to good zzzz’s and no voting.

    1. RWD0129 ( Likes: 437 ) says:

      What a wild ride. I’ve never experienced anything like this before (and hopefully never again).

    2. raceparks ( Likes: 263 ) says:

      I can’t imagine those of you who have already been doing this for a couple of weeks. You have to admire tenacity.

    3. Richardrainen@gmail.com ( Likes: 223 ) says:

      Who knew this was going to blossom into this? Well we will have our own story to tell!

    1. Richardrainen@gmail.com ( Likes: 223 ) says:

      I am not sure that I would classify any part of this as “simple.” :/ Glad to support the arts, but phew this is a mental work out!

    2. raceparks ( Likes: 263 ) says:

      I’m new to this but from what I can see it is quite the competition. Best of luck Christina.

  44. Y. Lévesque ( Likes: 106 ) says:

    Je viens d’apprendre l’existence de ce concours et je dois souhaite féliciter Mme. Bélisle pour son travail. Si je puis me permettre une suggestion, je crois que l’amphithéatre devrait occuper une place plus importante dans vos planches puisqu’il s’agit d’un pôle culturel important dans le quartier.

    1. Y. Lévesque ( Likes: 106 ) says:

      Chère martineg91, je crois que vous faites erreur sur la personne.

      Bien à vous,

    1. Mister_Pumpkin ( Likes: 437 ) says:

      I will never give sophie up! Haha I’ll keep on voting…i love you and hate you for posting this 😛

  45. Mister_Pumpkin ( Likes: 437 ) says:

    Christina, where can we find some of your poetry? I’m a friend of SAB but I like both your stories! Since poetry is your first love, I’m curious to read some ! Thanks and good luck !

    1. Christina Brown ( Likes: 1414 ) says:

      Thank you! I put some of my short pieces on the Instagram account @christinaleigh poetry, and I’ve got some more online publications in the works! I usually update that IG account when a new poem gets published, so following me there is the best way to stay up to date 🙂

    1. ECed ( Likes: 333 ) says:

      I’m screwed. I gave up sugar for Lent. Between that and this deathmatch competition, I’ll be needing therapy.

    2. raceparks ( Likes: 263 ) says:

      While I enjoy a good cupcake as much as anyone else, I’m all about the seasonal See’s Candy Mint Scotchmallows out now. Delicious!

    3. brownjaydee ( Likes: 172 ) says:

      I am not a cupcake fan either–I would rather have the ice cream 🙂 Oh and maybe some caramel on it, Of course, it can get sticky when reading!

  46. PacBen ( Likes: 340 ) says:

    I almost felt guilty for going out to an appointment and not voting. Did I mention “almost”?? There’s life out there people!

  47. WTurner ( Likes: 11 ) says:

    I just wanted to add another language to the comments section.
    Ich bin Team Christina!!! Du schaffst das :*

  48. Goclau ( Likes: 425 ) says:

    I would rather vote with a Chef knive instead of a butcher knive, because i think you both did “chef d’oeuvre”!

  49. jorourke ( Likes: 444 ) says:

    I was curious about how many writers submit their stories to deathmatch and how do they decide who gets to enter?

    1. KDLara ( Likes: 409 ) says:

      I was curious as well. This is the first I’ve ever heard of this contest. I already referred a few of my friends.

    2. wdmory ( Likes: 426 ) says:

      It’s a great idea if you’ve got an abundance of time on your hands. That being said, I have enjoyed the different writing styles and techniques of each of these talented individuals.

    3. Christina Brown ( Likes: 1414 ) says:

      I have no idea how many authors submitted to deathmatch, but the published chose the 16 pieces they thought were the best 🙂 from there it became a popular vote. I would love to know how many writers submitted!

    1. Mister_Pumpkin ( Likes: 437 ) says:

      Le truc du range-chaussures en tuyaux de PVC peut-être ? Une autre idée inusité d’Alex !

  50. KaySmith ( Likes: 423 ) says:

    Sophie and Christina, I was wondering what plans and dreams each of you has for your winnings?

    1. Kimlara ( Likes: 427 ) says:

      I might need to enter this contest next time around if a mediterrean cruise is the reward! (Searches for entry deadline)

    2. Christina Brown ( Likes: 1414 ) says:

      LOL those all sound like great ideas! If I win, the money will go toward my upcoming trip to Canada 😀

    3. SPatrick ( Likes: 412 ) says:

      To visit Sophie? Or are you Sophie?! Has anyone seen them both at the same time?! Let the conspiracy theories begin! Just kidding… Or am I?

    4. Y. Lévesque ( Likes: 106 ) says:

      A trip to Canada is a superb idea Christina. Québec City is a superb city and the winter is gorgeous there. I really enjoy going to the Hôtel de glace, it is a fantastic experience !

    1. CbEnneTt ( Likes: 425 ) says:

      This morning I was so confused in the bleary-eyed caffeine deprived predawn hours. Took a minute to register that the comments were in French. I was very relieved once I realized what was happening.

    2. RWD0129 ( Likes: 437 ) says:

      I’m enjoying it. Reminds me of a vacation oh so long ago. Paris, wine, chocolate, and cheese…

    3. KimiGril ( Likes: 405 ) says:

      I am enjoying it too. With subtitles and automatic translations on most web sites these days we don’t get to experience other languages all too often. Its great fun. Finally those years taking French in high school are paying off!

    1. CbEnneTt ( Likes: 425 ) says:

      Maybe not carpal tunnel but I have definitely reached the level of being able to vote in my sleep. Which I am sure I did several times last night. X.x

    2. KDLara ( Likes: 409 ) says:

      No, but I am alternating ice and heat on my tapping thumb in between every vote as a precautionary measure.

    3. blainevictoria ( Likes: 422 ) says:

      I’ve lost a couple of pounds and through sleep deprivation apparently the ability to complete an entire thoug Wait… what were we talking about??

    4. ShellyLara ( Likes: 448 ) says:

      Do you think a manager should accept “injured myself voting in a deathmatch” as an excusable absence from work? Asking for a friend…

    5. SPatrick ( Likes: 412 ) says:

      My life has become a series of tasks that can be completed before the timer goes off for the next vote. After the contest ends, I will once again know the unrestrained freedom of taking 61 minutes to do as I please. 😉