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For the first time ever, we present you with The Indie Illustrator’s Deathmatch!

You illustrate the start of a short story, then send your illustration to us and enter the contest. The top 16 are selected to battle it out in our online arena and the winner will receive fame, fortune & more!!!

Are you ready??

Read and Illustrate Part 1 of the Story and then ENTER THE CONTEST!

☠️ Deadline EXTENDED: enter by January 10, 2021 and the contest officially begins on January 30th, 2021! ☠️

Want more information? Read more about our rules, what it’s about, where to submit, and its incredible history.

If you have general questions about Deathmatch, email us at [email protected].

Keep up with us on social media @brokenpencilmag.

Announcing: Guest Judge Jenn Woodall!

Jenn joins the Indie Illustrator’s Deathmatch! That’s right folks! The acclaimed creator of Girls, Ghouls, Magical Beatdown and more is now officially our guest judge! Jenn will be sorting through ALL entries looking for those top 20 to kick the contest off with! The winner of the contest can also looking forward to meeting Jenn and getting feedback from Jenn about their illustrations and career!

Jenn Woodall Animation for AR Art Trail at Thought Bubble Festival, Leeds, UK

Writer’s, step aside. It’s time for illustrators to seek glory.


Alt: video of short miscellaneous clips with suspenseful music to promote the Indie Illustrator’s Deathmatch

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