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Deathmatch 2018 – Battle Royal

This round has ended.

*** WINNERS ***

At Wanda’s
Cracked Red Landscape
Whatever’s Next
Beginning in the year 2050 there was a big fat fad going around, and that fad was called “BOOBZ.” Up until this point, breasts had of course been fondled, ogled, salivated over and pinched with...
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The Origin of the World
On a cold starless night, dyed red by the glow of the hunter’s moon, the winds whisper through the prairie grass, heralding the coming winter. While the adults of the tribe are out hunting, an...
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*** WINNER ***
Free Your Mind
  “And the rest will follow,” sung Arthur, under his breath, strapped to the chair inside FYM Industries. The office was located in a confusing warren of business park streets and avenues, drives and lanes....
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*** WINNER ***
Chicken Man
Coming up Broadway was a man wearing white spandex and a rooster’s head. Other than that, he was quite attractive. Yummy legs, delicious thighs, and meaty breasts. The chicken spoke. “Hey, buddy, where is 213...
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It was Friday that her finger fell off. It was a sunny day and light fell in slabs through the windows of her studio. Sculpting a man made of clay, she was lost in thought...
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At Wanda’s
  Kayla was having a great game of Wild Thing with her friend Lucy at lunch recess. They took turns chasing each other, one of them being a loathsome, fanged monster that stomped, lunged and...
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*** WINNER ***
Sophie-Anne Bélisle does not draw if her pencil does not have a hard-on. What tickles her imagination is the moments of ambiguity found in raw ordinary life or in total absurdity, and sometimes in a...
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*** WINNER ***
Cracked Red Landscape
  The sharp blade makes an effortless cut, and the first thing I think is “like plastic,” a stupid, stupid thought, but then I wonder why my mind would drift at all given how the...
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*** WINNER ***
The First Thing We Do is Throw Up
…then stand up, catch our balance. Drink water, local stuff, mix it with the stuff we brought, bring our bodies slowly in sync. “Here, Brian, take another drink” But Brian’s got to be all macho,...
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Whatever’s Next
We were driving. It felt like we were always driving. Dee was sucking down cigarettes in the backseat of Dad's old Volkswagen. She cranked the window down and pursed her lips into the frigid outside...
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*** WINNER ***
I came home from school to find my mom in her room, surrounded by piles of jewelry. I saw everything from gaudy costume pieces to the diamond sets my dad had given her over the...
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*** WINNER ***
Mooter & Cleep
.mooterMcGee's 1st Short Story, By Mooter McGee the BRILLIANT, Class-7b-GeneralFunctionBot.Junior Author: M0nt1um.A.McG33.4.6 Editor: M0nt1um.A.McG33.4.8 Editor.Assistant: Cl1vis.0ls1n.3.9 Version   There was a Human, once. The Human liked stories, and so the Human wrote a story,...
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Distrust and the Death Cloud: A Love Story of Little Hate Stories
Kaz and Zoë (abridged version) Kazimieras and Zoë met at a party. They got a little drunk and spent the night together, sort of. You know what sort of means, or you should guess. Kaz...
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*** WINNER ***
Give me gore over this. Piss, shit, blood, placenta -- I'd take it, this is the ugliest birth. I stand over the printer like a father, watching it grind and scrape and shake the photo...
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  “The difference between a cyclist and a traveling bum is that the cyclist is wearing spandex, owns a $3,000 touring rig, has waterproof Ortlieb panniers, and keeps track of things like pace and miles...
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Big Joke
Jim turned off the car and stepped out into Brandon's driveway. Brandon had sounded weird on the phone. He'd asked Jim to come right over, but wouldn't tell him why. This might be an actual...
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  1. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:

    *knocks on door*

    Hey, 200 club, it’s Ryan, looks like I might join you all soon. Oh hey Sean, where did the others go? What, they all started a 300 club? Oh. That’s cool, I guess.

    *kicks a can*

    1. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

      Oh hey, Ryan. Good to see you’re almost there. It’s nice and roomy up here even though it’s become a bit lonely. Will be nice to have some company. By the way, I think that last can was full. Drink up!

  2. amandawheaton8 ( Likes: 329 ) says:

    Did voting close? I’ve been wanting to vote for some stories— actually, just “Cracked Red Landscape” which by far is the most intriguing, terrifying, and exciting story submitted! That female protagonist— as a woman, I loved her!!!

  3. John Wu ( Likes: 81 ) says:

    My story, “The Origin of the World”— originates from the country of Anland, a land of sheer mountains and vast wastelands. There, for the last 1500 years, Agenism has persisted as the dominant faith, with over twenty-million adherents in contemporary times.

    The teachings of Agenism are recorded in the “Book of Origin”, a series of manuscripts written by a potter, who, in life, travelled the land, spreading his teachings of compassion and enlightenment. The book tells the story two rivals gods, the God of Sleep, and the God of Dreams, who are locked in an endless, cyclical battle over the soul of humanity.

    “The Origin of the World” presents two distinct retellings of this cosmic struggle, serving as a reflection of storytelling, faith, and the increasingly blurred lines between science and religion.

  4. Allison Peel ( Likes: 41 ) says:

    Al’s employer: My house is not painted. Why?
    Al: Literary deathmatch. There was no internet at your house, so I had to go to a coffee shop.
    Al’s employer: Why didn’t you prone, and get your body to still paint the house?
    Al: Because I found some Australians at a hostel, gave them some beer, and they said they’d do it.
    Al’s employer: Then why didn’t they do it?
    Al: I gave them the beer first.

    What’s better written than this tall tale?

  5. Mike McGraw ( Likes: 84 ) says:

    Thank you Wyatt! I agree I’ve got more of a draft on my hands with this one – I just had fun with it, and kept writing some more stuff about them which might make the whole thing a chapter in need of editing. I also like to go on weird tangents that probably belong in footnotes. I really enjoyed Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell for how it went overboard in places with that sort of thing. I might have a good half-chapter here with another few days work and of course an editor 🙂

    I appreciate your feedback very much!

  6. Emily Cann ( Likes: 148 ) says:

    You should also know that as a ~writer~ I’ve decided to reuptake (sorry, that’s only a word in biology?) the noblest of writer-beverages: none other than the lukewarm scotch that got Hemingway into the history books but also apparently into several bar fights. Thanks Sir!

  7. Emily Cann ( Likes: 148 ) says:

    I feel like this late in the game I should start shamelessly self-promoting my writing to try and solicit some last minute votes. Here is my best attempt at advertising:

    Do you like feeling sort of sad but not really knowing why?
    Do you want to read about minor tragedies that are vaguely defined?
    Do you wish you could know more about the highways between PEI and Halifax?
    Look no further! This story has got what you need.

    Whatever’s Next has been called “very dark”, “interesting”, and “did Dee get an abortion?” (hint: the answer is no!). It includes what some would consider mild swearing but what others (including this writer’s mother) would describe as “coarse”.

    Curious to find out more?? Read on!

    **I am an English major not a miracle worker. The story is sad. Not in a way that makes you cry. In a way that reminds you of what it feels like to hurt.

  8. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

    “I just read “Cracked Red Landscape” and it was so good that I printed it out and ate the paper!”—Anonymous

  9. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

    If you’d rather eat nachos than read, I understand. But why not do both? Create the perfect pairing with “Cracked Red Landscape”

    1. Allison Peel ( Likes: 41 ) says:

      Nah, nachos are overrated. I chose instead to nibble at the nipple of some “BOOBZ” while crying in my bed because your story got more votes than mine. But I found that the BOOBZ-flavour did nicely enhance the induced lactation bit. The BOOBZ did not enhance the Birds experience at all. I’d recommend Kraft Dinner and Alberta Whiskey if one would like to get the most out of my work.

  10. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:

    Wow, 6 stories already in the 200 club.

    Not jealous or anything, nope.

    *kicks a can*

  11. Sophie-anneBelisle ( Likes: 1076 ) says:

    Hi everyone! There are lots of great stories in here, but I strongly recommend you read “Smile” there are fewer words and lots of images. It’s just like looking at memes but you might learn something!

  12. Wyatt McRae ( Likes: 1020 ) says:

    Mooter and Cleep

    Interesting premise with some fun elements. There’s some strange writing going on here, but I felt that it tied itself to the subject matter in a nice way, creating a sense of disconnect between myself and the future where this story is taking place. The universe of the story does have some meat to it, it’s very apparent that the author has thought a lot of this stuff through. I wish that we could have had a bit more development of the setting.

    One of the big problems that I encountered was the mid-story shift. The way the story is structured it comes abruptly and is kind of jarring; there’s no indication that the main scene with Mooter and Cleep is actually a presentation being put on by a human teacher, so when the scene change happens with no real indication of a change taking place the plot takes a sudden bend and the reader has to stop and readjust. This could have been avoided with some hints earlier in the story as to the true nature of Mooter and Cleep’s main scene, maybe some more bracketed sections telling of what the teacher is doing, maybe give a little intro prior to the start of Mooter’s “human” story.

    Good ideas are at work here. I just feel that it needed a bit more development in the setting, and a little bit of foreshadowing as to what’s really going on.

    1. Wyatt McRae ( Likes: 1020 ) says:

      I just realized that I could have left this response attached to the story.

      Sorry Mike!

    2. Mike McGraw ( Likes: 84 ) says:

      Wyatt! I replied but didn’t indent my reply properly, see elsewhere, and thanks again for the comments!

  13. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:

    I was making a comment on a story page and the changing “Related Posts” titles briefly made it look like THE FIRST THING WE DO IS THROW BIRDS UP was one of the stories.

    Other possible Deathmatch 2018 mashups:




  14. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

    Final push! More coffee and excited to see a few more bared teeth. Let’s get critical.

  15. Allison Peel ( Likes: 41 ) says:

    Alright, I took some advice from the cat, and started to sharpen my claws. Don’t know if it worked that well, but the laurel bush out front now looks like absolute crap. Time for the last-minute epic comeback. Everyone should read Birds. It is hands-down the best story here. Highly underrated. Expertly written. (Or, at the very least, more enjoyable than a Tim Hortons breakfast wrap, or seppuku)

  16. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

    I’ve had a half pot of coffee and a breakfast burrito. I think I’m almost ready for this.

    1. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:


      (googles Norman Levine)

      Oh. Just a Canadian writer, Ryan. Why didn’t you know that? And you call yourself a Canadian writer? You should expand your horizons.

      (makes note to read Norman Levine)

      Oh. Hmm. That might be me someday, being googled by a Deathmatch 2085 competitor, long after I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil and that’s if I’m lucky to make a mark like Norman Levine did.

      I’m 43 already. Will I make a literary mark?

      I should write better.

      I should have learned a trade like my Grandmother suggested.

      Writer? What did I think was going to come of that?

      (combats creeping existential dread with another espresso and ABBA’s “Gold” album)

      Okay, Deathmatch 2018, LET’S DO THIS!

  17. Eric Henderson ( Likes: 79 ) says:

    As an introvert, I’d just like to state for the record that I find social-media banter difficult, inconsequential, and vaguely soul-murdering. My preferred mode of discourse is the short story.

    1. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

      I suspect most, if not all of us, are introverted—I know I am—and day to day I don’t derive my self worth from my posts or likes.
      BUT didn’t we all willingly enter our stories into a Deathmatch, one of the requirements of which was a lightning round where popularity and social media savvy and networking will win the day?

    2. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:

      Yeah, I hear you on that, Eric. Outside of Deathmatchin’ I typically avoid comment boards and the like much like I would the plague, but figure the chance to get my work in front of more eyeballs than otherwise would see it is worth all the commenting and tweeting and Facebooking and the bad sleep and oh yeah the crippling self-doubt when your story is reduced to a vote count.

      Credit to you for jumping in the shark-infested waters with a shark phobia but yeah the sign did say “Caution – Sharks.”

      Here’s hopin’ we all make it out alive.

  18. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

    Have you all read Mooter & Cleep yet?! It’s a clever (cleaver?) read that has some fun meta components regarding the writing process. Check it out !

    1. Mike McGraw ( Likes: 84 ) says:

      Sean! Thank you for that! You’re messing with my New Dream of winning 16th position though, so cut it out now.

  19. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

    Geez, everyone is being so nice, myself included. Does the end of the Deathmatch require seppuku? Cause I’m getting the feeling that many of y’all would rather figuratively commit ritualistic suicide….

    1. Christina Brown ( Likes: 1414 ) says:

      No, it ends with circle time, a talking stick, and Cupcake Tuesday without the dead relatives and inadequate father figures. Obviously.

  20. Allison Peel ( Likes: 41 ) says:

    Greetings fellow competitors and readers. Stoked to be in this competition with such good company. Feel free to trash-talk my story all you like, as my Mom is currently living out her off-grid dreams in the forest by a lake, so likely won’t be upset by them. On that subject, though, if you do read my story and like it, please vote or comment. As mentioned, my Mom (usually a source of readily enthusiastic once-per-hour affirmation of my undeniable genius) is not online.

    1. Emily Cann ( Likes: 148 ) says:

      I’d like to issue formal apologies that your mom isn’t around to be offended by any criticism your story received. That said, I really dug your story. You picked a very interesting point in life to target and the introspective nature of the writing did not disappoint.

    2. Christina Brown ( Likes: 1414 ) says:

      lol! My mom takes every critical comment about my story to heart and gets all mad about it too! Loved your story 🙂

  21. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

    If you’ve already had dinner, I hope you also have some dessert (take a drive to chocolate town) so that you’re fueled up for my desert story, Cracked Red Landscape.
    (Full disclosure: my daughter is still awake, and the “dad jokes” and bad puns are still in full effect.
    Over and out.

    1. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:

      Sprinkle Donut-Ville is also not a bad place to visit but it’s a little holey so you gotta watch the language.

  22. Jon Flieger ( Likes: 38 ) says:

    There used to be a minotaur in my story but now there isn’t. Today’s themes are regret and twisted deer skeletons.
    Kaaaay, love y’all. You too, deer.

  23. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

    “Things we’re looking up until I read “Cracked Red Landscape”—anonymous quote from a Deathmatch participant.
    Thanks for the VOTE of confidence!

  24. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:

    So, yeah, I just got out of my home mind/body bifurcation unit and told Ryan-body to go do the dishes while I voted in the Indie Writers’ Deathmatch but I had to go upstairs and damn these first-generation prones are clumsy sometimes.



    And if you have no idea what I’m talking about then I would suggest reading and voting for my story FREE YOUR MIND because it will probably change your life.

  25. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

    My story’s better than watching a sliver of moon from out of your bedroom window on a clear night when all you had wanted to do the whole day was to just get home, back to her, and the room is quiet, and the dream you woke up from, the one that fades as you become more awake, was sweet.
    It’s also better than bad coffee and ho-hum, lukewarm pizza.
    Read “Cracked Red Landscape”!

    1. Mike McGraw ( Likes: 84 ) says:

      One of those stories I’d watch the movie adaptation of – once – with my fingers over my eyes. *shudders*. Really good, really, really dark…

    2. VickiNikolaidis ( Likes: 180 ) says:

      For sure a movie to watch with hand over eyes, because I even have to read the story with my hands over my eyes. Oh, no I can’t see the words.

    1. Mike McGraw ( Likes: 84 ) says:

      Excellent question, unclear which is best. The cleavering has been minimal, I thought we were going to get torn up. It’s very polite in here, except for a huff or two.

  26. Mike McGraw ( Likes: 84 ) says:

    I’ve pulled into last place! Things can only get better (or technically, I suppose, stay the same) from here…. W00t and such!

    1. Allison Peel ( Likes: 41 ) says:

      Careful, I might challenge you for that spot! (mostly because I took Mr. Lester’s advice and got a prone, so I could go snowboarding while also participating in the Deathmatch. So while my prone was reciting poetry and making witty remarks about literature while crashing down the bunny hill, my body, with what limited intelligence and interests it had left, spent all day at this computer, checking the avalanche safety ratings, watching the latest video clips from Sherpas Cinema and TGR, then purchasing a snowmobile off kijiji, so she could access “bigger untracked lines in the back country.” Damn. Will never prone again. Now I have to go to work. Used the rent money to buy the sled.)

    2. Mike McGraw ( Likes: 84 ) says:

      You will never catch down with me, Allison! I’m got too far an unlead at this point. I’m riding this baby all the way to Mediocreville, Nowhere, and then I’m buying the only bar in town and turning it into a salad bar.

      But if you want to ride my coattails into oblivion and obscurity (from the perspective of Broken Pencil writers and their voting entourages anyhow – OH SNAP DID HE GO THERE), you may certainly grab hold of a tattered shred and say your prayers. I don’t know what that last bit even meant, that’s how Extreme I am right now, in my mission to score low, life the Golfers do.

      Deathmatching when you’re bleeding out is just as much fun, who knew?


    3. Mike McGraw ( Likes: 84 ) says:

      PS as of this writing I have yet to read about the Prone. I must be saving the best for last. Plus the story that starts with “the day she lost her thumb”. I think I’ll like that one too.

    4. Mike McGraw ( Likes: 84 ) says:

      Yeah that wasn’t the line at all, it was a finger. Still, can’t wait. Digits being lost.

  27. Jon Flieger ( Likes: 38 ) says:

    The world is terrible so read stories. Get weird with it. LEAN INTO THE WEIRDNESS EVERYONE IS WATCHING AND WILL JUDGE YOU BUT IT IS FINE the void can wait. That’s all it does. I love you so much. Tenderness is the new cruelty. Let’s go I will tender you to the damn grave.

    1. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

      Tender me up? I’ll take what I can get even if it’s front of everybody. The weirder the better, mandinga. I always like to see what comes out the other side…

    2. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:


      That would make a great Sufjan Stevens concept album.

    1. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

      It does! And it doesn’t help when I keep having trouble getting on the site! To the death!

    2. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:

      In the event of two equally occurring stomach ulcers, winner will be determined by

    3. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:

      Oops, that was supposed to say:

      In the event of two equally occurring stomach ulcers, winner will be determined by (fill in the blank)

    4. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:

      – amount of to-go coffee cups scattered around their computers?

      – most friends left after a weekend of harassing everyone they know to vote for them hourly?

    5. Mike McGraw ( Likes: 84 ) says:

      Agreed about the site stability… it’s like Deathmatching on a submarine with electrical problems. FPS players would love that, writers not so much.

  28. VickiNikolaidis ( Likes: 180 ) says:

    What! Hasn’t anyone else noticed that “THE FIRST THING WE DO IS THROW UP” is the BEST title and it segues perfectly into the first paragraph of the story! A great story with little vignettes in different time zones of our universe!

    1. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

      I couldn’t place the song, but it clicks now that you say En VOgue. I’m going to put that tune on as i make sweet little comments on some of these stories.

  29. Mike McGraw ( Likes: 84 ) says:

    What did I miss?!


    [Mike reads comments]

    Excellent. I’m not dead yet. I don’t think it works that way anyway.

    I owe most of you a read through your stories. This week was busy. Life is busy. That’s Life.

    Good luck to all the people who wrote stories and then sent them here and are now here.


    1. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:

      Life does get busy. Have you ever thought of getting a prone, Mike? You could double your productivity. Just sayin’.

      And that’ll make a lot more sense if you do get a chance to read my story.

    2. Mike McGraw ( Likes: 84 ) says:

      A prone!

      [Googles “prone”, to see if it has other definitions]

      I will get back to you on the getting of the prone. I’m not quite done all of the stories. I think I’ll get one though, just in case.

      Good luck to both of you as well! Don’t let the slings and arrows…. uh, bite.


  30. bow-guy ( Likes: 77 ) says:

    “Cracked Red Landscape” should be required reading for anyone that lives in a state always worried about having enough water and yet continues to construct huge communities. Would hate to see “red” coming out of my water faucet some day. Very creative story Sean.

  31. Aidan Furey ( Likes: 8 ) says:

    I had thought I was joining you in battle but I must have misinterpreted the, “Congratulations, you’re in the contest,” email and the one with my user name and password. C’est la vie.

    Count yourselves lucky – I would have crushed you all!

    Good luck to everyone.

    1. Eric Henderson ( Likes: 79 ) says:

      I was going through the stories last night. “Which one is his?!?” Tough break, man.

    2. Mike McGraw ( Likes: 84 ) says:

      Bummer, man. Maybe you can sneak your story in here anyway in the form of comments. I will not tell anybody, but I will like them.

    3. Mike McGraw ( Likes: 84 ) says:

      Honesty, not cruelty! I meant it, though I’m not sure what the character limits are for comments.

    4. Aidan Furey ( Likes: 8 ) says:

      No, the cruelty was in my ommision! Your idea is good and my story was practically flash fiction, so just might work.

    5. Mike McGraw ( Likes: 84 ) says:

      I have an app for the spellings! I’m from the seventies and just heard about them. This world is magical.

      Given I’ve got Last Place securely locked down (a Fate, I might argue, is perhaps even worse than Cruel Omission, as it is now on record forever), I’ve been thinking we should start a Sadly Omitted Writer’s Collective (SOWC), or Cruelly Omitted Writer’s Collective (naturally, COWC). The admission requirements are that you have not won a writing contest in… I dunno, 2 years. Or something.

      We could have a private Facebook group and do pass-the-pen writing contests for fun and charity. I’m not a details person so literally all of it except possibly the name is up for discussion. Perhaps all we do is join the group and say nothing, in solidarity. Like some parts of church.

      I’m always half serious and half joking.

      I wish your story had made it in. I’m enjoying reading all of them.


    6. Aidan Furey ( Likes: 8 ) says:

      Ahhh, Mike. You might be right. Perhaps it’s easier for me to lament on what might have been rather than to be crushed under the deathmatch boot. But if understand the rules correctly, you can vote on a story (even your own) every hour. Add a significant other, a close friend and perhaps a family member and surely you can get a score into double digits!

      If I could have added one thing to the contest it would have been in my carefully aimed abuse – the odd, “Your face is stupid,” or “Your head is too big for your body.” That sort of thing would have mixed it up a bit and endeared me to the voters, obviously.

  32. beggerts13 ( Likes: 33 ) says:

    Vote for my friend Sean Wheaton’s story “Cracked Red Landscape” at deathmatch.ca every hour for your chance to become a part of literary history! #bpdeathmatch

  33. Wyatt McRae ( Likes: 1020 ) says:

    From one Death Match Alumnus to all of you, I bid you a fair greeting and the best of luck!

    I probably won’t make for the best voter in terms of frequency, but I’m going to attempt to read all of the stories.

    And, if at all possible, I would strongly suggest going through last years stories and giving them all a good read. Some of them were quite excellent.

    1. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:

      As an alum, I also wish you a fair greeting but I’m so so on the luck thing.


      And good idea, Wyatt, I will check out last year’s story crop. I didn’t really get involved much in the DM the last few years.

    1. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

      Umm, but have you read “Cracked Red Landscape” by Sean Wheaton? It kicks aces all over the darned place.

    2. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:

      Oh crap, Bill Lee has a time travel machine. We’re all hooped.

      Quick, go check, who wins the SuperBowl tomorrow?

    3. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:

      Bill, come on, buddy, get in the machine. We need that pick.

      This is a short story competition and we’re writers, we’re not exactly swimming in it, you know what I mean?

      A little SuperBowl payday would be pretty sweet.

  34. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

    Over the past few days I’ve read all of the stories, I’ve created a bunch of notes, and I’m proud to be here with y’all.
    But I’m also looking to move on to the next round. Bring it.

  35. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:

    Somebody? Anybody?

    Quiet out here.

    Oh, look. Tumbleweed.

    That’s nice.

    I wonder if tumbleweed ever gets lonely and then when it finds all the other tumbleweed after it rolls through town it goes “Oh, hey, wanna hang out?”

    No, probably not. Tumbleweed strikes me as pretty independent.

    Okay, then, I’m off to bed. It’s 1am for me and my alarm clock aka my 2 year old daughter goes off at 630am no matter what.

    1. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

      Here I come, a tumblin’ down the way….
      I have an alarm clock like that too except she’s 2 1/2.
      See you tomorrow!

    2. Mike McGraw ( Likes: 84 ) says:

      I think tumbleweed behaviour models petHairball behaviour, it seems to self-arrange in order to gain a ramblin’ structure, for better ramblin’.

      In our household, we theorize that fleas and mites are behind the construction of pet hair vehicles, for better interior ramblin’ and general adventure.

      What insects / trans-dimensional beings might be behind the tumbleweed, or for what purpose? One can only imagine.

  36. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:

    Here we go, let the literary bloodsport begin.

    Good luck to all.

    By the first few sentences, I think I’ll probably like a lot of these stories…though may not admit it until March.