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Deathmatch 2018 – Battle Royal

The Origin of the World
On a cold starless night, dyed red by the glow of the hunter’s moon, the winds whisper through the prairie grass, heralding the coming winter. While the adults of the tribe are out hunting, an...
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Mooter & Cleep
.mooterMcGee's 1st Short Story, By Mooter McGee the BRILLIANT, Class-7b-GeneralFunctionBot.Junior Author: M0nt1um.A.McG33.4.6 Editor: M0nt1um.A.McG33.4.8 Editor.Assistant: Cl1vis.0ls1n.3.9 Version   There was a Human, once. The Human liked stories, and so the Human wrote a story,...
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Chicken Man
Coming up Broadway was a man wearing white spandex and a rooster’s head. Other than that, he was quite attractive. Yummy legs, delicious thighs, and meaty breasts. The chicken spoke. “Hey, buddy, where is 213...
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Whatever’s Next
We were driving. It felt like we were always driving. Dee was sucking down cigarettes in the backseat of Dad's old Volkswagen. She cranked the window down and pursed her lips into the frigid outside...
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Give me gore over this. Piss, shit, blood, placenta -- I'd take it, this is the ugliest birth. I stand over the printer like a father, watching it grind and scrape and shake the photo...
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Distrust and the Death Cloud: A Love Story of Little Hate Stories
Kaz and Zoë (abridged version) Kazimieras and Zoë met at a party. They got a little drunk and spent the night together, sort of. You know what sort of means, or you should guess. Kaz...
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Free Your Mind
  “And the rest will follow,” sung Arthur, under his breath, strapped to the chair inside FYM Industries. The office was located in a confusing warren of business park streets and avenues, drives and lanes....
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Beginning in the year 2050 there was a big fat fad going around, and that fad was called “BOOBZ.” Up until this point, breasts had of course been fondled, ogled, salivated over and pinched with...
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The First Thing We Do is Throw Up
…then stand up, catch our balance. Drink water, local stuff, mix it with the stuff we brought, bring our bodies slowly in sync. “Here, Brian, take another drink” But Brian’s got to be all macho,...
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Cracked Red Landscape
  The sharp blade makes an effortless cut, and the first thing I think is “like plastic,” a stupid, stupid thought, but then I wonder why my mind would drift at all given how the...
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It was Friday that her finger fell off. It was a sunny day and light fell in slabs through the windows of her studio. Sculpting a man made of clay, she was lost in thought...
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Big Joke
Jim turned off the car and stepped out into Brandon's driveway. Brandon had sounded weird on the phone. He'd asked Jim to come right over, but wouldn't tell him why. This might be an actual...
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At Wanda’s
  Kayla was having a great game of Wild Thing with her friend Lucy at lunch recess. They took turns chasing each other, one of them being a loathsome, fanged monster that stomped, lunged and...
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  “The difference between a cyclist and a traveling bum is that the cyclist is wearing spandex, owns a $3,000 touring rig, has waterproof Ortlieb panniers, and keeps track of things like pace and miles...
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Sophie-Anne Bélisle does not draw if her pencil does not have a hard-on. What tickles her imagination is the moments of ambiguity found in raw ordinary life or in total absurdity, and sometimes in a...
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I came home from school to find my mom in her room, surrounded by piles of jewelry. I saw everything from gaudy costume pieces to the diamond sets my dad had given her over the...
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  1. R. Daniel Lester ( Likes: 1001 ) says:

    *knocks on door*

    Hey, 200 club, it’s Ryan, looks like I might join you all soon. Oh hey Sean, where did the others go? What, they all started a 300 club? Oh. That’s cool, I guess.

    *kicks a can*

    1. Sean Wheaton ( Likes: 1184 ) says:

      Oh hey, Ryan. Good to see you’re almost there. It’s nice and roomy up here even though it’s become a bit lonely. Will be nice to have some company. By the way, I think that last can was full. Drink up!

  2. amandawheaton8 ( Likes: 329 ) says:

    Did voting close? I’ve been wanting to vote for some stories— actually, just “Cracked Red Landscape” which by far is the most intriguing, terrifying, and exciting story submitted! That female protagonist— as a woman, I loved her!!!

  3. John Wu ( Likes: 81 ) says:

    My story, “The Origin of the World”— originates from the country of Anland, a land of sheer mountains and vast wastelands. There, for the last 1500 years, Agenism has persisted as the dominant faith, with over twenty-million adherents in contemporary times.

    The teachings of Agenism are recorded in the “Book of Origin”, a series of manuscripts written by a potter, who, in life, travelled the land, spreading his teachings of compassion and enlightenment. The book tells the story two rivals gods, the God of Sleep, and the God of Dreams, who are locked in an endless, cyclical battle over the soul of humanity.

    “The Origin of the World” presents two distinct retellings of this cosmic struggle, serving as a reflection of storytelling, faith, and the increasingly blurred lines between science and religion.

  4. Allison Peel ( Likes: 41 ) says:

    Al’s employer: My house is not painted. Why?
    Al: Literary deathmatch. There was no internet at your house, so I had to go to a coffee shop.
    Al’s employer: Why didn’t you prone, and get your body to still paint the house?
    Al: Because I found some Australians at a hostel, gave them some beer, and they said they’d do it.
    Al’s employer: Then why didn’t they do it?
    Al: I gave them the beer first.

    What’s better written than this tall tale?