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Indie Illustrator’s Deathmatch 2021 – Final


Welcome to The Finals!

Two survived. Only one can win. Which illustrator has really and truly brought the writer’s story to life? It’s time for you to decide!

So here’s what you do…

1. Read Part 4 of the story

2. Create a user account with a real email. Then you can vote once every hour!

3. Login to vote, read and post comments supporting your favourites so far. Commenters with lots of upvotes will get a surprise voting advantage!


By Joe Bongiorno

The bell rang. Esther took her seat at the back of the class by the poster of the periodic table.

“Good morning,” Mr. Fleming greeted the class with a cracking voice and straightened his argyle sweater vest. “I would like to begin by saying that if you look up in the night’s sky tonight, you will see Halley’s comet, visible to the naked eye. This event occurs only once every 75 years.” He cleared his throat and clasped his hands.  “What happened last week was unfortunate…”

Mr. Fleming, Esther thought, had been acting even more awkward than usual since the day they watched the shuttle blow up.

Read the rest here!

This round has ended.

We have a Champion!!

Gladys Lou
    Part 3 image     My name is Gladys, an artist and writer in Toronto, Canada. I work with multiple media to explore the boundaries of visual art, writing and performance. As a...
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Anastasia Kirages
      Part 3 image Anastasia “Stacy” Kirages is a Houston-based zinester, collage artist, and community organizer for Zine Fest Houston (ZFH). In the artist’s life and in her collage practice, she intentionally seeks...
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*** CHAMPION ***


  1. mysticmultiples ( Likes: 4 ) says:

    pray to the lizard gods!!! wait, is that the yellow phone? father told us to never answer the yellow phone….

  2. Cilla Vee ( Likes: 13 ) says:

    Chloe Harnett-Hargrove’s drawing is intense, dramatic, gripping, sophisticated. If I saw this illustration by itself, I would want to know the story … in fact, my imagination instantly wants to find multiple narratives – the illustration pulls you in and engages you. If you know your stuff, you will recognize this true talent and vote for her.

  3. daisykates ( Likes: 6 ) says:

    Anastasia’s piece is so cool and illustrated the story in a unique way! Her collages are always cool but I especially love all the elements in this one.

  4. adasylee ( Likes: 19 ) says:

    Well done everyone! Gladys’ work is my favorite since she captures details of the story through a simple yet concise style. Her use of color gives a fantasy vibe.

  5. skirages ( Likes: 25 ) says:

    Let’s gooooo! Good luck, everyone! I’m excited to be continuing on in the competition. 😀