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Indie Writers Deathmatch 2019 – Semifinal

This round ends in…

The 2019 Deathmatch proudly sponsored
by great independent publisher:

Illustration by Andreea Dumuta @galactixy_illustrations   Summer heat crowds in the kitchen window but chilled air prickles your arm.  You trace the chilled air back to the small freezer in the room. The lid is...
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A Fish Named Ginsberg
Illustration by Niki Waters @kneesandkeysart   Hi Greg (Dr. Justice). Here’s a script for you to look at. It’s called A Fish Named Ginsberg. I was wondering if you could give me any feedback and/or...
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    1. Jill M. Talbot ( Likes: 720 ) says:

      It may be a recommendation for another story. You’re describing the art that went along with Molly’s story from previous rounds.

  1. Larry Brown ( Likes: 78 ) says:

    this is impossible to do, likely, but it would be interesting…blind voting…which stories come out on top?

    yes, I realize that’s a different contest…just mulling over coffee…….

    1. Donnie Schultz ( Likes: 713 ) says:

      I think he means voting on just the stories with no visibility on who the author is. So for anyone who doesn’t personally know the author, they would really be voting on which story they find best.

    2. pink princess ( Likes: 36 ) says:

      It would be nice… So far the author i’m supporting has had the best story in their match anyway (i wasn’t there for the battle royal), but i’ve abstained from voting in the other matches where I would obviously have been more objective.

      Maybe the competition could force you to cast at least two votes so that at least one of them would be objective!

    3. Jill M. Talbot ( Likes: 720 ) says:

      Hmmm but if I can recall, any time I suggested voting should be on merits of the story, Larry said, those are the rules, deal with it..

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