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Indie Writers Deathmatch 2019 – Quarterfinal

The 2019 Deathmatch proudly sponsored
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This round has ended.

*** WINNERS ***

A Fish Named Ginsberg
Illustration by Andreea Dumuta @galactixy_illustrations   Commander Eckhardt looked up from the tablet on his desk at the communications officer who stood patiently before him, awaiting permission to speak. "Yes?" said the commander, failing to...
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A Taste of Pennies
Illustration by Niki Waters @kneesandkeysart   The lightning leaves a taste of pennies in her mouth, an electric tingle in the air. Old Barney in his rumbling bed tosses and mumbles of departed beauties while...
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  1. Donnie Schultz ( Likes: 725 ) says:

    Guys, I think the countdown timer they used for the site is using whatever time zone your computer is set in, and counting to midnight based on that. So if you’re on the west coast, it says 3 more hours, here in Colorado it says 2, in Central zone it says 1, etc. The round should end at midnight Eastern. Same thing happened for first round.

  2. Jill M. Talbot ( Likes: 804 ) says:

    “Fiction is like a spider’s web, attached ever so slightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners. Often the attachment is scarcely perceptible.”
    Virginia Woolf

    1. cathy scott ( Likes: ) says:

      Yes little but Paddy Scott is just as deserving a round of applause acclaim for being a good read with out all that thinking shit

    1. ALP ( Likes: 485 ) says:

      According to the running clock at the top of the page the quarterfinals end at midnight EST. So, just under 3 hours.

  3. ALP ( Likes: 485 ) says:

    I just took a look at the illustrations again. The one for Someone Called me by My Name is not spot on. The first few sentences clearly reference an old rotary style phone but the illustration is a touch tone phone box phone. Anybody else notice any anomalies?

    1. ALP ( Likes: 485 ) says:

      Of course. Interesting. i had read the story a couple of times but had not paid any attention to the restaurant phone. Funny how the mind works.

    2. mkidd67 ( Likes: 187 ) says:

      It’s interesting to see how pay phones are used in older movies. They’ve pretty much disappeared. Cel phones just aren’t the same.

  4. mkidd67 ( Likes: 187 ) says:

    Dictionary result for surrealism
    a 20th-century avant-garde movement in art and literature which sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, for example by the irrational juxtaposition of images

    1. kgk ( Likes: 306 ) says:

      Joseph’s comment caused me to move past my ‘huh’ reaction to this comment. I confess to being puzzled a bit by the use of several apparently disparate or disconnected narratives or ‘layers’ within a number of the short stories. mkidd67 points out that this is the purpose of a very successful (and profitable for some) art movement and not necessarily a sign of confusion in the mind of the authors. Now whether this was a deliberate goal on the part of the authors and whether there are any unconscious depths within my mind may be open to debate.

    1. ALP ( Likes: 485 ) says:

      In some of the earlier comments somebody said that they enjoyed the picture for Donald Calabrese’s Commedienne. Something along the lines of “a great illustration – putting their butt in a can”. I went eagerly to look expecting to see somebody trying to stuff their butt into a can… It is still a good illustration.

    2. ALP ( Likes: 485 ) says:

      Just saw your response. Probably too late. I like to leave some things to my imagination anyway. But you sure made me laugh.

  5. Jill M. Talbot ( Likes: 804 ) says:

    “Good writing has little to do with the content and everything to do with the execution. You might think: My premise is dumb, the protagonist is too strange, this location can’t possibly be interesting. But anything done with care, done with a fierce and serious attention to detail can be riveting, brilliant, life altering. You can pull off whatever you can pull off, never sublimate your subject matter out of fear.”
    Jason Jobin

  6. Jill M. Talbot ( Likes: 804 ) says:

    I was down by 240 last night, didn’t expect to come back. For a second I was even ahead. Keep coming back it works if you vote so keep voting.

  7. [email protected] ( Likes: 372 ) says:

    Interesting that everyone has different interpretations of the same story; I was so convinced that the mother was intentionally Earth. To read the author didn’t really intend that encapsulates for me the amazing effect of art!

    1. Jill M. Talbot ( Likes: 804 ) says:

      Snowing for the first time in Vancouver. Order me an egg nog latte with 5 espresso shots.

    1. ALP ( Likes: 485 ) says:

      No, one of the authors says it has something to do with reaching the max number of comments on the page. But I cannot navigate backyards to them.

    2. ALP ( Likes: 485 ) says:

      I just went to vote in Q4 and got a weird web hosting error. I had to refresh which seemed to fix the problem. Maybe there is so much traffic the site is having problems?

    1. ALP ( Likes: 485 ) says:

      I am glad I got my fresh air yesterday. Beautiful and sunny here in Ottawa. Spent some time on the canal at Winterlude enjoying the fresh air. Sylvia Plath said it well.

      “I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.”

      Hopefully some of these authors will be quoted one day.

  8. ALP ( Likes: 485 ) says:

    I have been re-reading some of the stories. I will re-read Little with that perspective (Mother Earth).

    1. Charlotte Joyce Kidd ( Likes: 1243 ) says:

      When there are enough comments, it goes onto a new page…there’s navigation for the different pages at the top of the comment section, but it doesn’t work for me either.

    1. ALP ( Likes: 485 ) says:

      I missed that interpretation. I always find it interesting to get these views – and then I wonder whether that is what the author was also thinking.

    2. Charlotte Joyce Kidd ( Likes: 1243 ) says:

      This wasn’t what i had in mind when I wrote it, but I think it’s a very valid interpretation – there’s a lot to support it in the story.
      It’s also a beautiful meaning.
      I really like when people notice things in a story that I hadn’t put in on purpose but that work!

  9. [email protected] ( Likes: 372 ) says:

    Loved Little the best – the short story to me is like an Impressionist painting – just enough paint (prose) to evoke a feeling or thought, the viewer (reader) is invited to fill in the rest.