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Indie Writers Deathmatch 2019 – Semifinal

The 2019 Deathmatch proudly sponsored
by great independent publisher:

This round has ended.

*** WINNERS ***

A Fish Named Ginsberg
Illustration by Andreea Dumuta @galactixy_illustrations   Commander Eckhardt looked up from the tablet on his desk at the communications officer who stood patiently before him, awaiting permission to speak. "Yes?" said the commander, failing to...
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Illustration by Andreea Dumuta @galactixy_illustrations   Little opened their eyes. The sun, in this place, was gentle and far away, which made the colours of the things close to Little clear and strong. The stalk...
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*** WINNER ***


  1. Michael Kimber ( Likes: 254 ) says:

    I will never doubt the literary merit of this competition. This is really important for SEO purposes for this actually very good publication. Hurray for the death match!

  2. Jill M. Talbot ( Likes: 804 ) says:

    Today’s CBC writing tip. Agree or disagree?
    “Be hard on yourself. We are often taught not to be so hard on ourselves because it can lead to a lack of self-worth and other maladies. However, there are times when it is completely necessary to be hard on ourselves, especially when it comes to behaviours that severely hinder our productivity, creativity and purpose as writers. By being hard on ourselves, we are able to discover additional solutions to our problems. We need to listen to the overly critical voice just as much as we need to listen to the comforting, nurturing voice. After all, they both deliver valuable wisdom and advice that can help us grow.”
    Jessie MacKenzie

    1. Larry Brown ( Likes: 128 ) says:

      one of my favourite stories, Are These Actual Miles? raymond carver

      a fave lyric, courtesy of Sloan: It’s not the band I hate
      It’s their fans

      fave concert of past year: Radiohead, Toronto

      fave apple: granny smith

    2. Jill M. Talbot ( Likes: 804 ) says:

      It would be cool if there were an ekphrastic deathmatch where people had to write new stuff based on images. Then the artists and writers could compete.

    1. Larry Brown ( Likes: 128 ) says:

      angie dundee is screaming from my corner, “OFF THE ROPES!”…it would be a stunning comeback. sir

    2. joseph ( Likes: 508 ) says:

      yup it would be,if it is some consolation in my humble opinion the comparative quality of the stories does not warrant such large vote differential

    3. Larry Brown ( Likes: 128 ) says:

      your mission, voters, should you accept it…stuff 900 votes into the bubbles’ ballot box in 3 hours…which might squeak out victory…

      miles to go before we sleep

  3. athina ( Likes: 44 ) says:

    How do do you all get so many upvoted comments so fast! I’ll be your friend if that’s what it takes!

    1. Jill M. Talbot ( Likes: 804 ) says:

      Lol I don’t get any uovotes. The Little crew tend to upvote each other and there are armies of them.

    1. Larry Brown ( Likes: 128 ) says:

      “Take the horn out of your mouth.”
      Miles Davis to John Coltrane when Coltrane said he didn’t know how to stop improvising

    2. Larry Brown ( Likes: 128 ) says:

      realistically, mathematically, spiritually, can a 500+ deficit be overcome in a bit over 2 days? think I may be sleeping with the fishes beside luca brazzi…

    3. Jill M. Talbot ( Likes: 804 ) says:

      Larry I almost gave up in the 1st round, thought there was no way possible for me to catch up… I have no clue where my votes now are even coming from. You never know with deathmatch.

    4. Larry Brown ( Likes: 128 ) says:

      jill, did it seem odd to you how the quarter-finals all became close close races in the final days? I don’t know anything about the technical end of things but is there a way the votes can be held back and entered at a later time, or some entered and some held in reserve…not that the votes are changed, only delayed? (and did man really land on the moon…and lee harvey didn’t act alone…no, I’m not a conspiracy person)

  4. viny ( Likes: 457 ) says:

    any significance for a square with cat s face with a red bow appearing on my screen after i vote?

    1. Jill M. Talbot ( Likes: 804 ) says:

      It may be a recommendation for another story. You’re describing the art that went along with Molly’s story from previous rounds.

    1. serra ( Likes: 143 ) says:

      Please explain how that proved your point? I can’t imagine what you would say with blind commenting. As a reader who is trying to enjoy the stories and hear from the authors, the main thing that is sticking out is not the stories, it’s how rude and spiteful you are being to the other writers, it’s very off putting. Why can you not just be supportive of your fellow competitors?

    2. Jill M. Talbot ( Likes: 804 ) says:

      Rude and spiteful? I’ve said nothing rude. I’ve critiqued the stories and if an author finds that too tough, they’re not ready to send their work to editors. The process of voting not reflecting the strengths of writing has come up every day, I was merely commenting on how odd it is that only now it’s considered novel.

    3. Larry Brown ( Likes: 128 ) says:

      critiquing can be mistaken for personal criticism, especially when delivered this way and not in person…everyone prefers her/his story be gushed over…but remember, the author can ignore suggestions, all of them…me, I will continue to use 2nd person because it works…nothing written here will make me question that…so let’s all take a breath…

    4. Jill M. Talbot ( Likes: 804 ) says:

      True Larry but this is also how it’s done. An editor’s not going to show up at your house to tell you they don’t like your work.

  5. Larry Brown ( Likes: 128 ) says:

    this is impossible to do, likely, but it would be interesting…blind voting…which stories come out on top?

    yes, I realize that’s a different contest…just mulling over coffee…….

    1. Donnie Schultz ( Likes: 725 ) says:

      I think he means voting on just the stories with no visibility on who the author is. So for anyone who doesn’t personally know the author, they would really be voting on which story they find best.

    2. pink princess ( Likes: 54 ) says:

      It would be nice… So far the author i’m supporting has had the best story in their match anyway (i wasn’t there for the battle royal), but i’ve abstained from voting in the other matches where I would obviously have been more objective.

      Maybe the competition could force you to cast at least two votes so that at least one of them would be objective!

    3. Jill M. Talbot ( Likes: 804 ) says:

      Hmmm but if I can recall, any time I suggested voting should be on merits of the story, Larry said, those are the rules, deal with it..