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Deathmatch 2011 – Quarterfinal 3

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Dani Grammerstorf vs. David Griffin Brown

A Cake For Any Occasion By Dani Grammerstorf

On Sunday night, after my last shift of the week, I went straight home to make an abortion cake. Instead of relaxing after five straight days of work, I was going to create a delicious baked treat for my roommate to enjoy after her pregnancy termination. The problem was, I had all my tubes of icing and my knives and I couldn’t decide what to do. If I was very artistic, I would have a picture of a baby in a circle with a slash through it. Since I wasn’t, I thought it would be in my best interest to stick to text only. “Happy Abortion Day” was trite. “Congratulations on Your Empty Uterus,” sounded too clinical.

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Brink By David Griffin Brown

“It’s your baby too,” Lily said. “It’s only fair you help me kill it.”

She handed me the fat blue pill and wiggled out of her jeans. She climbed on the bed, rolled to her back: knees at forty-five degrees, legs parted.

I saw for the first time what I assume a gynaecologist sees: the clinical stock of a woman. If Lily stripped naked at any other time I’d be aroused. My eyes would draw the arch of her thigh, her ivory skin, the black bonsai thatch. But I stared instead at female, human, mammal.

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