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We’re approaching the weekend and round one of The Indie Writers Deathmatch has gotten close. On Monday Claire Ferris had a score of over 60%, and now for the first time George Ian Thomas has taken the lead. It’s a battle between the comedic Twenty-Somethings and the tragic Gnomes, Gays, and Greyhounds.

Ferris was accused of taking a laissez-fair attitude with her posts, and then last night tacked-up the longest attack on Gnomes, Gays, and Greyhounds yet. And since the readers reviled Thomas for speaking too violently, he’s returned with confessionals on his writing method.


All our favorite namesakes have returned to troll the comment board – the notorious backinthesaddle finally arrived, switch-blade in hand. There’s only a few days left to help decide the fate of these two Indie writers. Click here to check out the tournament and vote for your favourite to reach the next round.