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The Indie Writers Deathmatch starts today! Eight stories have been selected, and each week two will be posted to rival one another in the online arena. Writers – fight for your stories. Readers – send your judgments. Carnage will reigns and tears will ruin keyboards, and one by one, stories will be eliminated until one writer is winner!

Round one is Claire Ferris VS George Ian Thomas. Ferris’ Story, Twenty-Somethings, traps the reader in a world of un-aging hipsters and documents the hardships of a trial free pregnancy. In ThomasGnomes, Gays and Greyhounds the narrator Paul has a knack for bringing men out of the closet and finds an easy target across the bus aisle. Young people and sex.

Read the Stories. Vote for the best. Bad mouth the other.

Check out this week’s match-off here.