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It’s a lopsided match with Chase Baird reaching 1350 in the vote count, and Charbel Adam only 633. But Charbel confessed he didn’t tell anyone about the competition. So it must be true after all – being a part of the Deathmatch speaks horrible things about your character. It’s best to keep it a secret, and hope to God none of your friends Google your name before the week’s over.

There’s two more days to go before this round ends. Charbel’s Fe will, in all likelihood, not make it to the semi-finals. So now’s your chance to read a story about the glamorous Woodcock, and how the music of his name is hypnotic for success. And while you’re there check out Heart String, the tale of a massive drug hallucination that pisses off the narrators body so much that her organs decide to run away.

And soon, after Sunday night, the champions from rounds 1 and 3 will be squaring off as the semi’s begin.