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There’s a chill in the air that isn’t just the weather. A strange slithering sound has begun to fill the BP office, but we’re choosing to ignore it in lieu of enjoying the glorious comments on Deathmatch stories and going through the enthusiasm in the #BPdeathmatch Twitter hashtag.

As #CanLitPit was also trending on Twitter last night, I’ve compiled the shortest one-line summaries of each BP Deathmatch story. See if you can identify them below:

“Mr. McLean had been the perfect old man, sufficiently confused, and grateful for the sudden presence of two grandnieces. “
“Every breath I take is a miracle—a historic milestone, but no one would know it just to look at me. “
“In the beginning, you expected of me so little.” 
“The first time Chekhov would have fired this gun, he’d spend the next week nursing a broken nose and a black eye.”
“You want me to confess.”
“She’s always yearned for an unbearable lightness.”
“Inside, completely submerged, were four fully grown right arms.”
“Now 26, she wondered if she’d made the wrong choice.”
Where are these one-liners from? Not sure? Re-read the submissions and find out!