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The Deathmatch deadline is coming up on December 31st, and even though the prize is this year is bonkers (a meeting with a literary agent, and a novelist, and a book publisher) some people might still be on the fence about entering. So Broken Pencil has broken down a life history of probably all Deathmatch competitors to help anyone with their hemming and hawing.

1. As an infant, you were a sucker for tragic nursery rhymes. The bough breaking and cradle falling during Rock-a-Bye Baby brought you to fits of giggles and spit-bubbles, whereas hearing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the millionth time coaxed out your first word – vapid.

2. In primary school, as you learned to cursive handwrite, the teacher told the class to pencil out “The fox baked cookies for the elephant.” When you looked down at your paper you had somehow written “Tabitha searched for her underwear on the floor of the minivan.”

3. You were kicked off the debate squad in high school after calling an opponent a “slime bucket,” (amongst other things) and suggesting they “dip their head in a bear trap,” (amongst other things). Even though you also delivered a kickass debate.

4. You were dumped only one year into your first adult love affair because you kept insisting you would win the relationship.

5. You’ve got a shiny piece of fiction just waiting to go somewhere.


For more info click Deathmatch 2014

To submit that shiny piece fiction click Deathmatch Submission

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