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While the dust has settled on the Indie Writer’s Deathmatch 2016 battlefield, things are just kicking up for winner Madeeha Hashmi. Recently, we caught up with Madeeha to see what life’s been like since she entered the winner’s circle. If you haven’t yet, check out her winning story, Moulting, in issue 71 Broken Pencil Magazine.

IMG_2978How has life changed for you since winning the Deathmatch?

Obviously, my phone never stops ringing and the exorbitant price I charge to sign copies of Broken Pencil Issue 71 is enough to pay for my new lavish lifestyle.

How have your meetings been with the Indie Publishing Makeover Folks? Any bits of advice stand out?

I haven’t finished meeting everyone yet, but I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity! I received some great advice about incorporating humour in my writing by focusing on moments of frustration or anger. I’m not the funniest writer, so I’m hoping to try this out.

How has the Deathmatch influenced your writing? 
The Deathmatch has made me want to take more risks. This year’s contest, like every year, had stories that were very different from each other and evoked strong positive and negative opinions. Seeing that any kind of story can have both lovers and haters encourages me to explore new and unfamiliar topics and formats.

Is there anything you’re currently working on that you’d like to mention?
I’m currently working on writing stories about women and girls of colour, particularly coming of age narratives. My long-term goal is to (hopefully) have a collection of them.