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Another Deathmatch has drawn to a close, in a surprisingly chaste and – dare we say? – classy conclusion. Nikola Jajic’s “The Boogeyman” – in which a diabolical Gary Busey and Nick Nolte creep on a hapless dupe at a Hallowe’en party, with cagey results – won this year’s Deathmatch with 4753 votes. Runner-up Talita Valle came in close with her story “My Life As The Reincarnation of Dorothy Parker,” with 4662 votes.

Many congrats to Nikola, who will receive our Indie Writer’s Makeover, which includes a meeting with Globe & Mail columnist Russell Smith, a consultation with literary agent Sam Hiyate, and a meeting with one of our favorite independent publishers BookThug as well as a cash prize!

You can read “The Boogeyman” here. All four Deathmatch semi-finalists will have their stories published in the spring issue of Broken Pencil, due out in April. And don’t forget to fill out our Deathmatch survey so we can make next year’s online bloodbath even better.