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Andrea is keeping a steady lead in Deathmatch round five. She’s talking up the match-up like it’s an Olympic competition and now we’re feeling obligated to distribute drug tests. And who would want to compete in the Deathmatch sober?

Here’s her Q+A:


What was it about the Deathmatch that lured you in?

Deathmatch was the first push to get my work out there for other people to read and, having set a bunch of goals over resolutions, I submitted to Deathmatch hoping for publication. On December 31st, I just kind of closed my eyes and jumped

How’s your writing life been up till now?

Like a bad internet date that keeps asking me out. And I keep saying yes. I’ve decided to turn it into a more positive and beneficial past-time and I’m hoping to get more exposure in the coming months

What did you think of round one? Was it what you expected?

My round was fairly quiet. Because of the research I did into past years, I was prepared social media-wise to promote my story wholeheartedly. Despite being and staying ahead, reading the forlorn semi-fictitious coping comments of my opponent, and refreshing the page to see if someone had called me a horrible writer, it was a great deal more stressful than I thought it would be. An… interesting experience, all around.

What are you hoping to get from the Deathmatch?

Honestly, I want people to read my story and I’ve gotten that already. Even more honestly, I would love to sit down with an agent and publisher to discuss what’s happening in Canada and what the various paths are for writers. I want to take my words to the next level.

Any plans you have for the next round or two that you care to spill?

Plan A: Convince people this is an Olympic sport and, if Canada is to get gold, they must vote for my story.

Plan B: Click vote each other. Eat poutine. Watch figure skating. Encourage others to do the same.