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Here we are in the midst of Round 3 of the Deathmatch: The Sad Round.
In one corner we have “The Museum of Dead Presidents” from Roxanna Bennett a #poetic #tale told through #hashtags that asks “Can cats cure all the sads?” Coming from the right we got the experimental and layered web browsing of “Asphalt Luxury Prophecy” from Kevin Martins McPherson Eckhoff who reminds us all “buying sexy lingerie for your lover can be really romantic or really tragic.”  Two daring and unique pieces set in the digital age that leave us all wondering, what makes us sad?

So far the comments have been all about the feels too. What makes us happy or sad? What kind of tears do we cry at night? What we’re learning so far is that we aren’t really all that sad, especially if we are all there for each other.

Now that Roxanna is leading the votes and Kevin is leading the comments, I asked our authors for insight to their Deathmatch strategy.

Roxanna shed first light:

Our strategy thus far (I’ll just speak for both of us) has been to say nice things about each other on social media, which is perhaps not very death match-y, or as Kevin Many Names has said on Facebook, Lifematch-y.

Then Kevin adds:

RB’s totally correct. that’s been my main strategy ever since superficially appealing to writers of fame has gone sour. i suspect i may soon attempt hiring some kinda out-sourcing service or reframe the whole deathmatch as a charity fundraiser…

With our writers having each other’s backs in a sort of “trust-fall” position rather than a “stabby-stabby” one, it’s difficult for this commentator to predict the outcome of the match. There are still days left in the competition and it is anyone’s game. Could the nice act be just that? An act? Will one of our competitors flip this thing around, turn nasty, and steal all the votes?
Right now the comments are gearing up to discussing the pieces – the styles of poetry and the uses of technology – but anything can happen. This is the Deathmatch.

Go, read, vote, comment, and tell us how you feel over at the Deathmatch Round 3 Arena.