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Deathmatch Round 4 brings us two experienced writers and two vastly differing stories. We have R. Daniel Lester’s “THE JANITOR COMETH” whose PBR guzzling, garage-spawned and spandexed “superheroes” flee from their first villain encounter before answering the age-old question, did the janitor cometh or not? While Sean Johnston’s “MAKE THE SOUP” gives us a haunting rendition of 21 answers to a different kind of question.

Will Manpower from “THE JANITOR COMETH” get his man-bra? Will our villain spawn a new sex position moniker with his rubber doll?  Exactly what kind of soup are we making anyway? Who will win? Tune in to read the stories, vote and see. Same DMatch time, same DMatch channel. Wait, how many questions was that?