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Hey everyone. So there has been some confusion regarding the winner of the Round 5 Semi-Finals of Deathmatch 2015. Some votes were being registered after the final deadline at midnight last night, which led to confusion regarding whether Talita or Aerin’s story had won.

We consulted our web developers, and this is what they said:

It’s not a glitch or a bug, it’s more of a cached-page kind of thing. The button was removed/closed right atmidnight, and the page refreshed/updated but for some users, based on their connections, computers etc. those additional 24 votes got captured, AFTER midnight, for Aerin. For the next round, we are making a filter as an additional precaution that will prevent this from happening. So end verdict – additional votes were cast after midnight and don’t count.”

Therefore, Talita Valle is the winner with her story, “My Life As the Reincarnation of Dorothy Parker” and she will be moving onto the FINALS round of Deathmatch next week.

Congrats to Talita and many thanks to both her and Aerin for being such excellent competitors and good sports. We are sorry that this happened and will ensure it is fixed so it doesn’t happen again. Thanks for coming out and voting.