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Lo, on the second day of the Deathmatch semi-finals, our ever-worshiped Website Gods felt neglected and exerted their wrath, screwing up the Deathmatch pretty badly.

As we all waited with curses on our tongues for the Website Gods to take pity on us poor indie fiction-obsessed souls, it was decided that we should review some of the best lines in our top four to get our fix!

Failure to Cooperate by Susan Read hits you with remarkably witty questionnaire answers, the best one being “I wish”. What does the narrator wish? Read the story, it’s in the semi-finals for a reason!

“A ‘soul’. An ego, more like—for he was not a religious man. He poured the sum total of whatever he meant by ‘soul’ into his music. She couldn’t help but feel like he was sucking it out of her at the same time.” Sick to Death of Stories by P.D. Walter explores the dynamics of a woman’s relationship with her father and boyfriend, which aren’t great, with some poignant moments.

In Fogger by Vicky Savage the narrator declares: “I am a completely nanofabricated being. My keepers call me a marvel of human replication. I was crafted as an infant and grew to adulthood in much the same way an authentic human would. My internal workings have functioned synchronously for decades, and will continue to function for decades more, but from the time I was very young, I knew I wasn’t real.” Who doesn’t start question their existence and human flesh-form after reading that?

Finally, in honour of the holy greeting card holiday we have to pay tribute to Rachel Rosenberg’s line: “I kissed you at an anti-Valentine’s party, which worked against my anti-Valentine beliefs because now February 14th is our anniversary,” from I Want You Around: True Tales of a Relationship in 10 Ramones Songs.

Our sacrifices to the Website Gods were eventually accepted so we hope that you lovely Deathmatchers are ready to fight it out in the semi-finals now that we’re back up! Thanks as always to our fabulous sponsors Seneca College for making this all happen!