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Alright all you writer types, tomorrow is the last day to enter the 2014 Deathmatch, and to have a chance at the Indie Writers Makeover. Before submissions go on lockdown we have one more testimonial, from the 2011 champion David Griffin Brown, who jibbed his way to victory with his story Brink, all while cooped up in sailboat cruising through Central America. Now he’s landed, remembering his deranged time on the web, and in international waters.

What brought you to submit to a tournament that pins up stories like targets at a gun range?

A friend recommended I enter.  He said the Deathmatch was a decent bet for under-published fledgling writers, and I suppose he knew I could take the heat.

What kind of person did the Deathmatch bring out in you?

It turned me into an obsessive attention-hustling vote-spamming maniac.  I think most of social network peoples eventually forgave me…

Is there anything from the comment board that still resonates with you?

The entire process was fantastic.  I think many new writers suffer from a lack of feedback.  Even though that feedback comes via trolls and sworn enemies, it was very valuable to have the chance to chat directly with people reading my janky attempt at short fiction.

Did you ever feel sorry for any of the other writers?

I feel sorry for all writers.

Do you have any advice for future Deathmatch participants?

If you make it into the Deathmatch, you have already won.  Take the rest of the process in stride and try to have a good time.

What do you think is the key to winning the Deathmatch

Having internet goons in your inner circle.

What did you do after find out you’d won?

I didn’t actually know for awhile after the contest ended — I think I was crewing on a sailboat somewhere near Bocas del Toro, and finally found out once we’d transited the canal and arrived in Panama City.  Most likely I got drunk.

What have you been up to since the competition?

I’m back in Canada after three years, working in Victoria and doing an online MFA in writing through UBC.  I hope to run away again at the next available opportunity.


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