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Only 4 days till the gates are pulled up in the 2014 Indie Writers Deathmatch arena and the battle between our first set of writers begins!

After digging through this year’s stack of submissions, Broken Pencil has pulled out a finalist list of exceptionally debauched stories. This year more than ever should showcase the condition of unique and dungy minds under extreme circumstances, as some onlookers cheer them on, and others hurl garbage.

And some onlookers get weird.

Here’s replay of what oddball stuff has been slathered onto the comment board in past years.


“k.  i am kinda in this new relationship and it makes doing anything other than copulation almost impossible; i.e., sorry my comments are late–and here’s to hoping my period is not…”


Back off, or I will beat the slime out of you with my aluminum walker. ”


I’ve read it three times now, and still admire Cardigan Blues greatly. It will get my vote, despite comments from previous rounds that suggest the author is an American and a cheater. It has been a dirty campaign against you from day one Nana. Congratultions on making it to the end. Despite all the depressing elements in your story, it stands out as the one I enjoyed reading.


“Madeline… first of all, you have a wicked name.  I’ve liked Madeline ever since a high-school crush broke my heart because I went outside for a cigarette instead of cuddling with her.  Tragedy.  And Masters? Sounds powerful, and of course packed with some pun potential.”