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That's me. In the middle.

It’s supper time on Wednesday (that’s me in the middle up there) as I bring you the mid-week update from the stands of the fifth round. Deathmatch 2015 is in full swing as votes for both stories steam around quadruple digits – will they make through the night?

Talita Valle and her early-2000 era juvenile love story is in the lead by a pinch. Those photos of cute dogs she’s sharing on Facebook and Twitter must be working.


*sees a cute dog*

*votes Talita*

Sorry. Got distracted.

While Aerin Fogel’s promises of astrological fun facts to committed voters keeps her close at Talita’s tail, we begged her for a peak at what fun facts may be offered. You’ll be happy to hear that they seem quite accurate. Aerin has vehemently predicted the fate of this year’s winner: “Whoever wins may become famous but also develop a drinking problem,” she proclaimed. “Double edged sword!” A double edged sword indeed…


You might find it difficult to choose who to love more: a poetic love for Dudu in “My Life as the Reincarnation of Dorothy Parker” or a stubborn love for Gillespie in “Chicken and Bits.” Perhaps these comments will help.

One commenter, Jonathan, votes for “Dorothy” saying, “I love so many of the weird moments and techniques at play in “The Reincarnation”… the poetic instant messaging, the sort of random and unconvincing references to being the reincarnated Dorothy, the references to the Brazilian neighbourhoods and the cheeky descriptions of the mall, the sometimes strange, but never incorrect word choices and sentences.”

To which Talita made a knee-slapping comment comparing it to online dating:

“Your comment is like the one nice person you meet on OkCupid after three weeks of fighting off weirdos that makes it all worth it.”

Our BP editor Alison, weighed in on “Chicken” with: “I love that the main character in “Dorothy Parker” craves the “anti-aesthetic” of the McCafes she haunts even as she emulates one of the most stylishly witty and caustic women of all time. I love the way Dorothy Parker (and Hemingway, and Jean Seberg) represent a type of romance that doesn’t really have any weight in the world she actually inhabits.”

best-friends-forever-review_featured_photo_galleryTo which both writers held hands and skipped gleefully in a metaphoric ring of roses, kissing each others cheeks and patting the other on the back for a job well done.

They’re really nice. I don’t think there will be any injuries this round.

If we learn anything from looking up Dorothy Parker quotes and pairing them with Aerin’s astrogloical prediction: “If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to.”

It’s been a quiet round. Who will win… Who will win… We shall stay glued to our phones… if only to find out.