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Anastasia “Stacy” Kirages is a Houston-based zinester, collage artist, and community organizer for Zine Fest Houston (ZFH). In the artist’s life and in her collage practice, she intentionally seeks out the new and the obscure. Kirages sources imagery and content from vintage cookbooks, magazines, found photography, discarded textbooks, and beauty catalogs; nothing is off limits. Her collages incorporate a mix of paper, cardboard, thread, and product packaging. The work is minimalist with a strong sense of humor and play. Kirages’ approach to building collages is both analytical and meditative: a way to stay grounded within herself and the world. By entering the Broken Pencil Illustrator Deathmatch, she wishes to challenge her art making process, receive feedback on her work as an emerging illustrator, and demonstrate that collage is a solid contender for narrative illustration.

More at msha.ke/k.llages/

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